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On the chancel floor is a monument dating from the 17th century, commemorating the life of Lydia Gore. A verse inscribed upon it reads "floods are due unto this stone", referring to the tears that fell through her life when five of her children died. There is a figure representing her son Charles, six years old when he died, kneeling in prayer in a recess in the wall of the church.

St Giles is remembered on 1 September - his feast day. He is a Christian saint who had a close affinity with wildlife. However, unlike Saints Francis, Cuthbert and Kevin, this 7th Century hermit is only associated with one animal - a deer.

According to legend, Giles withdrew to the forests of southern France where a hind deer became his sole companion for many years and sustained him on her milk. The story goes that a king out hunting discovered the deer, pursued her to the saint's retreat and tried to shoot her with an arrow. He missed and instead wounded the hermit who was at prayer. The king was horrified by what he had done and sought to recompense Giles, building him a monastery at a place known today as Saint-Gilles-du-Gard in Languedoc.

Its abbey church later became a centre of pilgrimage for a cult that spread far and wide during the Middle Ages with many churches across western and central Europe being dedicated to the saint including St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, and of course St Giles Alderton. There are links within the church to a deer including this on the exterior of the left hand side of the main window and the stained glass window.

There are a number of carved corbel heads for the south aisle roof, 24 in total, that were restored during the 19th century rebuild. Many of the original stone carvings were incorporated  into the doors, windows and water flows of the tower, during the rebuild.

Five of the chest tombs within the graveyard are also Grade 11 listed.

The History of St Giles

St Giles Church, The Street

Alderton SN14 6NL

Administrator: Lorraine Mackie   

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6 year old Charles Gore

Lydia Gore lost five of her children

Three of the restored corbel heads from the south aisle

Original carving from the East window

Original carving from the main door

Chest tomb c1800 Grade 11 listed

Chest tomb late 17th century Grade 11 listed

Two Chest tombs c1800 Grade 11 listed

Chest tomb c1850 Grade 11 listed