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The ornate wooden screen between the Chancel and the Nave - termed the ‘Rood’ dates from the 15th century and was preserved and refurbished as part of the rebuild.

The restored 3 bay arcade dates from circa 1200 and is one of the oldest parts of the church.

The door to the Choir is at the moment locked for safety reasons but the triangular shaped stain glass window is particularly vibrant and impressive

The main door to the church and vestry are testament to their age. The pulpit is in the position shown in the 1846 rebuild. The font remains in its position of the original church prior to the rebuild.

The roof structures are specifically mentioned in the listing text of the building.

That of the Nave is a 15th century arch-braced collar rafter roof.

Elsewhere the roof is a 19th century copy of the original

The History of St Giles

St Giles Church, The Street

Alderton SN14 6NL

Administrator: Lorraine Mackie   

01666 825019


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Chantry roof is a copy of the original

Nave roof is 15th century

Original 15th century wooden Rood

Original 15th century wooden Rood

The Chancel with some original carved wood

Restored arcade dates from circa 1200

The Choir - access restricted for safety reasons

Choir stained glass window from outside

Church door shows a testament to its age

Font still in its original position

Pulpit was moved during the rebuild

Vestry Door